Your hair extension would only look good on you if you have applied it in the correct manner. There are various different techniques and methods that you can use for attaching the extensions. From all the methods you can easily select the one that is most suitable for you. If your hair is very dull and fragile then you must surely avoid using the chemical attachment method as this would eventually spoil your hair in the long run. There are various factors like cost, texture of your hair, length and quality of hair that you must surely consider while selecting hair extensions.

This article would mainly focus on the different types of techniques and methods that you can use for applying the hair extensions to your hair.

1. Adhesive based methods
You must know that this is one of the best methods that you can use for attaching hair extensions. Various adhesives and wax based glues are use by professional hair stylists to attach the extensions. After applying the adhesives you can use the heating or chemical method to fix the extension to your original hair. One disadvantage of this method is that chemicals can cause permanent damage to your hair. For removing the attachments you have to use the adhesive remover.

2. Bonding method
Bonding is another very popular method that you can use for braided lace wig attaching hair extensions. A special device is used for bonding the extension and hair together. This method is very quick to use that is why it is extremely affordable. In order to remove the extensions that are attached using the bonding method you need to use oil and heat. Oil is a very good agent that would remove the bonding.

3. Metal and heat shrink tubing
A separate heat tube is used for attaching the extensions in this method. In order to give yourself a perfect look you have to use the tube over your real hair. This method is not usually recommended by the experts because the tubes can break off your real hair. Another disadvantage is that extensions attached with the help of the heat tube are very difficult to remove.

4. Weaves
Weaving usually involve braiding each strand of hair with the extensions. Weaves are hidden beneath your hair that is why others can not see it. This method is also not preferred by the experts because it adds to much weight on your hair.

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