Angels are really popular in new age teaching these days. But to some Christians they hold a mystery also. So for all of you that believe in angels these are my accounts of visitations with angels, not stories that I have heard and am passing on, but my real accounts. I pray that as you read your faith might rise with mine and you too might see angels in your life too.

In this life we all have natural eyes but in the life of some people they also have spiritual eyes. I only got my spiritual eyes in the year 2000 so my first to encounters with angels had to be with my real eyes and for that to happen I had to meet the angels in the flesh so that they looked and spoke like real people. Some people have spiritual eyes and we look down on them. These are schizophrenics, these people can have both spiritual eyes and spiritual ears though sadly most of them see fallen angels and bad visions that doctors call hallucinations.

The first angel I treated real bad and learned a lesson.

It was over fourteen years ago and I was in the Australian city of Brisbane. As a manic depressive that hadn’t had his first breakdown and so his diagnosis and medication that helps, I was walking down the city mall with five dollars in my pocket, of which over half was going to be spent on milk and bread that I needed to buy as I had nothing to eat without buying it. Us guys that suffer this illness seem to spend up big in the first week of our pension payment and leave little to survive the second week. And so here I was quite poor walking as I was saving money and not buying a ticket for a bus.

As I walked what I assumed was a homeless drunk approached me. With full knowledge that he was going to ask me can you spare a dollar I already had my excuse in my head which was going to be “no.”. In fact, I really did have two dollars spare but that would mean I would have to take him to a take out shop and ask them for change of my note without buying anything from them and in the second he was approaching I had decided I wasn’t going to do that for a drunk that was only collecting for his next drink.

He asked me, “Have you got any money?”

The no was already in my mind as my answer so I spoke it forth with full knowledge that saying no to that different question then I was expecting was a lie. He hadn’t asked if I could spare a dollar like they normally do, he had asked if I had any money.

As the no came out of my mouth I felt self righteousness rising up in me to fight the feeling of guilt that was rising too.

He turned his head and walked down the mall dejected.

As soon as he did, the Spirit of the Lord put the verse in my mind, “What you did to the least of my brethren you did unto me.”

I was powerfully convicted and quickly forgot about my milk and bread and went after the homeless drunk to give him my five dollars. He had gone around a phone box and I ran to it and when I got there I was shocked. He was nowhere in sight!

There was over a hundred feet between the phone box and the next wall that he could be behind and he could not have traveled that far!

He was nowhere to be seen and Request personal prophetic word I ran down there and looked and was quite distressed that I had rejected one of the least of the brethren in that way.

I have always had a two way conversational communication with Jesus and so I asked.

“What happened there Lord?”

“Well besides lying to that man, you judged him. You need to learn not to judge people Matthew.”

I felt so sad. I couldn’t work out how the man had vanished and I couldn’t shake the powerful teaching and rebuke I had just got. I couldn’t make it right with the man as I couldn’t find him so I repented to the Lord and continued to walk home.

As I stopped at a set of lights and waited to cross the lights at an intersection a man came up to me and asked me if I knew where a street was in the next suburb. As a taxi driver by profession I did know where it was and explained how he could find it, naming how many sets of lights he had to go through and the streets he had to turn on.

When I finished giving him directions, he took out ten dollars from his pocket and went to give it to me. I said he didn’t need to give it to me and he told me that it was an important meeting he had to get to and it was worth the money. I pushed his hand away and he brought it back and placed the ten dollar note in my shirt pocket and turned and walked off in a rush. For twenty years people have been approaching me for directions, I simply must look like someone who knows where to go and yet never has any person tried to give me money.

I started to cry as I crossed the road. Now I felt even guiltier as I had fifteen dollars in my pocket instead of the five I was already guilty of.

“What’s this about Lord?” I asked.

“If you do my will Matthew, I will always look out for you”, was the answer I got.

Years later I saw a scripture in the Bible, a command of Jesus that says. “Give to every person that asks of you and from him that steals from you don’t require it back.”

It is very rare that I refuse anyone that asks me for money these days. I find when I haven’t got any money to give people simply don’t ask me. And I have never gone without a meal without it being my choice in all these years.

On the day I encountered my drunk homeless man I knew in my heart that I had met an angel but years later Jesus told me I had met Gabriel his arch angel in the flesh in a good disguise and not looking very holy at all.

It makes me wonder have we all been approached by an angel that we have refused or has it simply been me?

The day I met my second angel my mourning was turned to joy

It was about three in the afternoon. I was sitting on a Taxi rank waiting for a radio job or a walk up in a university in Brisbane when a man in a suit with a briefcase approached the cab and placed his briefcase in the back seat and sat up front with me.

“Hi how are you”, I asked.

“I’m good.”

“Where can I take you today?” I asked as I pulled out and took the cab to the road that led out of the university.

“I’m of to the airport thanks.”

“How was your day”, I asked.

“I have had a good day. But right now we are going to have a cab ride all about you. How are you going in your life?”

Sometimes you answer “fine” to people when you are really going through stuff. It’s not polite to burden people with your problems. Though in the cab, I found many people felt very free to share pain in their life with me. Us drivers who do our jobs well are all some kind of counselor who takes you where you want to go. On this day I didn’t hold back, I shared with him that I was in a court custody case over my son. I shared not only was I in a case with my former wife, but in order to prove that what she said in her affidavit about me was not true, I had actually proven that on six times she had knowingly lied under oath which was a criminal offense.

“The scriptures say that we should not take our brother to court,” he told me.

“But what about the lies she told about me?” I asked.

Plenty of people said lies about Jesus. They are still saying lies. But Jesus commands us not to take our brothers to court before non believers. You can settle out of court.

“But I can’t get my way.”

“What is best, to obey Jesus or have your way?”

“Yeah.” I said.

“You can be sure God will honor you. You will achieve nothing proving her to be a criminal, better to be reasonable and talk it out and come to a settlement you can both agree to.”

He went on and on asking questions about my life. Every time I came out with a worry or a struggle he quoted a scripture that if believed by faith took the worry or struggle away. Then he went on to ask me about what I wanted to do with my life and speak some really life affirming scripture into my life and told me that God is not a liar and if I had been promised something in scripture or in prophecy I could bank on it.

When I got to the airport all the problems in my life had an answer, all my worries were gone with scriptures he had planted into me and I was really joyful. He wrote me a check that is used for Taxi rides shook my hand and I drove off.

I had driven fifty feet and I was convinced I had just spent time with another angel and I pulled the cab over and wanted to confront him and ask him if he was an angel. I searched the whole airport and I knew it well and he had vanished.

Years later I asked Jesus if this angel had a name and he told me it was Michael his arch angel.

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