There are two major types of natural stone decorating, architectural designs, and home décor accessories. The former involves actually installing stone into the existing structure of the home, whether in a floor, facade, or hardware installation procedure. The latter involves the purchase of smaller, decorative and functional items.

Once you get past this distinction, you find stone broken down into many more specific categories based on the type of material used. The polished smooth surface of marble looks completely different from the rustic natural exterior of slate. In fact some people might not be able to tell that they are both stone. They also have far different tolerances as far as resistance to water damage, and the elements.

It is important to always choose the right material for whatever application you are developing. If you are setting up an outdoor environment, be certain to choose materials which can stand up to the elements. Marble will probably be a bad choice here, but materials bathroom tiles such as granite or slate can often deal with wind and rain just fine, especially if they’ve been treated with a commercial sealing agent. This is as true of installed pathway tiles as it is of rustic drink coasters.

One of the great things about decorating with natural stone is that every single piece is a little bit different from any other. While you can get materials that tend to be more consistent, even these will all be somewhat unique in shade and hue. Meanwhile many multi-colored stones have such erratic differences that each one takes on its own unique personality.

In smaller home décor applications this can mean that your specific decorative piece is a one of a kind that is unlike anyone else’s in the entire world. In larger installations, you often can use this fact to arrange stone pieces in such a way, that you are actually participating in the creation of a living work of art.

Natural stone is a beautiful way to connect your home with the reality of the outside world. It is available for both installed applications, and in home décor pieces, allowing you a variety of options for using it to enhance your spaces.

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