An outdoor playground is an area designed for children to play freely. Modern outdoor playground is combination of different pieces of equipment such as slide, climber, walking bridge, and overhead hanging.

Playing is very important in children’s growth. In the modern world, children always spend their free time on playing video games, using computers, and watching television. Moreover, they love to take junk foods, sugary drinks, and high cholesterol foods. The sedentary activities with lack of exercises are threatening their health. 안전놀이터 Kindergarten supplies can help the children to withdraw their addiction on the unhealthy activities and it is safe from accident.

Outdoor playground promotes spiritual, moral and character development of children. Playing in playground could develop health, initiative, cooperation and self-confident while diminishing idleness, selfishness and rowdyism behaviour.

Outdoor playground is also a complex social network for kids to learn relationship-building skills. Group playing develops and tests children’s relationships. They learn self-control, compromise and negotiating. They also learn tolerating for example; slides encourage kids to learn to take turns.

Playing plays an important role in children’s maturation process. It is a platform on development of social skills in their future. Children will develop language and reasoning skills, besides that, it encourages autonomous thinking and problem solving, and helps them to improve their ability to focus and control their behaviour.

Setting an example of a healthy, active lifestyle is the first step toward keeping kids on a path to good physically and mentally health.

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