A template/stencil is merely shapes cut onto plastic sheets, made in different sizes, allowing for a person to cut out that shape on paper. Using a pencil, trace the outline of the shape you want, and simply cut the shape out. You can also take the shape and use markers, chalks, or any other writing instrument to create the shape. They help you to create the perfect “item” you are looking for, by layering different items cut from different templates. Templates are the basis of die cut machines, being able to cut the image you want with the help of a machine. The good part about a free powerpoint slides and stencil, it helps you to take different pieces and create your own paper piecing or other unique item for your page or cards.

When looking for a template, look for specific templates according to what you are going to want to make. If you do not have a need for many flowers, find a template you can use instead, thus saving money in the long run. Learn to look at your crafting a bit broader, especially in the items you purchase. Yes, having a die cut machine is wonderful to have around, but there are times that a template will do the same thing, or it will help me to expand my creativity a bit more!

When using templates, make sure you have a small pair of sharp scissors to help you to cut the alphabets out. Also, when choosing alphabet templates, look at the shape of the alphabet, is it easy to cut out if you are going to be using scissors? Look also at your hands, can you cut out shapes ok, or are you the type of person where everything has to be perfect? I found the smaller alphabet free powerpoint themes do not get used as much as the alphabet that is easier to cut out, only because I have arthritis in my hands. For you, you might have access to die cuts…I use what I have available to me!

For those on a budget, templates can help you to create a darling, one of a kind album for your gift recipients… Make a Christmas album using paper, create places to put photos and journaling, and create an album for your friends and family members to showcase their Christmas memories on! For birthdays, tweak the same idea using a birthday related template for balloons, make presents out of a bow punch and your trimmer…and you have made a one of a kind present for your gift recipients.

Templates and stencils come in every type of theme, and as you are starting out, allow you the opportunity to create your own type of things on a budget. Using these with chalks, stamps, punches, and other templates…help you to use them more often, thus the cost effective factor we are all so big on. free powerpoint backgrounds make it so you can take things with you easily; cutting out the shapes in the colors you need when you are on break or lunch at work.

Learn to use your design book a bit; helping to organize your ideas and layouts you want to create. This way, you can see what you have available to you instead of having to run out and purchase a die cut in a theme you can’t find something on. For example, how do you find embellishments for a layout you want to do where the photos are of a toilet made into a flower pot as a joke by my mother? You can’t go to the store and find something like that…so you have to get a bit creative! Templates help you to be able to create what you want in the colors you want! For examples using templates.

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